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Check here for links to the latest updates, or to start at the beginning and work your way through! If you want to know what this story is all about, click here. To see a list of characters, take a look in this direction. Or if you just want to be taken to the most recent update, well that can be arranged. If you’re new to the story, I’d suggest you start at the beginning, which is the link for Chapter 1 below.

Chapter 1 – The Joy of Hex (10 parts)

The Wire-Pullers (Released April 6, 2007)

Chapter 2 – The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized (8 parts)

Whatever Happened to the Woman of Tomorrow? (Released July 15, 2007 )

Chapter 3 – Unrequited (9 parts)

An Illustrated History of New Normandy (released Nov. 14, 2007)

The Morning After (released Jan. 9, 2008 )

Chapter 4 – Her Majesty’s Secret Service (7 parts)

The Mourning After (released July 6, 2008 )

Chapter 5 – The Man Who Sold Another World (9 parts)

A Whiter Shade of Beyond the Pale (released Dec. 13, 2008 )

Attack of the Spiders From Mars! (released Dec. 30, 2008 )

Chapter 6 – Your Enemy is Sleeping (and His Woman is Free) (9 parts)

Secret Origin Files: Red Notice (released April 14, 2009)

Chapter 7 – In the Cold Light of Dawn (9 parts)

The Counters Trump the Counted (released August 1, 2009)

Chapter 8 – Götterdämmerung (7 parts)

End of the Ensemble

Chapter 9 – The Beginning of the End (9 parts)

Performance Review

I Dreamt of the Great Beyond

Project Failure

Chapter 10 – The End of the Beginning (10 parts)



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